Thursday, August 27, 2009

september calendar - monkey farm!

It's that time again people! Is your desktop naked? Are you always trying to find a calendar? Do you wish you could have a troop of monkeys without the mess? Then this months monkey farm calendar is for you. :o)

Also...keep an eye out for the new Holiday designs & glass tile pendants that will be appearing in the shop soon. As always, thanks to all of you who have ordered this past month and all who are about guys have all been an absolute pleasure to work with...not a brown banana in the bunch!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

todos too! I know I haven't written in far too long! Go ahead and yell...I'll just wait here until you are done. doo do do do do. Done? down to business.

All of you have been so wonderful since I started scribblemonkey almost 3 months ago. It's gone by so quickly and yet been PACKED with stuff to do. I call them my todos {to do soon}, which are very different from my todoimd {to do in my dreams}.

I am so appreciative to all of you who have ordered and trusted me with everything from twitter cards to wedding invites. I have enjoyed working on each and every one of your orders. I have had many requests to change up my orders a bit...from numbers to colors, you guys have been customizing like crazy! That's why scribbles always says: "paper stuff to match you".

I have many many ideas of what I need to do for all of my blog buddies, store friends & twitter's just a matter of getting some more time in my life. I bid on some time on ebay but lost it at the last second...sigh. I guess I'll just have to click & design faster.

Here is a sneak peek at my August todos list. Check it out...I already have one crossed off and it's not even August yet! It's looking like an exciting month for me 'n' scribbles.

I made my first lightbox in an attempt to capture better pics for you guys. It's so hard to see the brilliant colors and adorable little details on my designs with the lighting and camera I currently have. It's time to change things up and get more continuity and detail in my photos. If you have any suggestions, just let me know...I am ALWAYS up for photo tips!

I promise I will write more!

ripe bananas - green apple edition

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ripe Bananas - - {just add bananas}

During the many many many hours spent on etsy I have come across so many amazing artists & their delicious items. I am going to be compliling and collecting them during the week to present to you every Monday. The first weeks theme of course had to be...BANANAS!!

one: Banana Bay - Shea Butter Salt Bar by sunbasilgarden
Leaf Dangle Earrings - by decoratethediva
Banana Yellow Fused Glass Pendant - by HotFlashGlass
Banana Blast - Lip Balm by bubbletub
Beatrice the Banana - Felt Food by TrishAns

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Questions that Plague the New Blogger!

I would love to say that I know what I'm doing, but truth is...I'm just winging it! :o)

I have my blog all set up at and I really don't want to switch. Seems daunting! But a bunch of people seem to be on blogspot.

Drop me a note and let me know what your advice on this epic dillema is. Blogspot vs. Vox...who will win??

In the meanwhile, you can check scribblemonkey out at:

phheww! Pretty soon, I won't be able to write my name without a .com after it.